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The Secrets We Keep

“Turn right on Sunset Drive. Your destination is 300 feet on right.”

Ben turned right onto Sunset Drive and pulled over on the left side of the narrow road. Looking over at the house in the middle of the street, Ben felt his pulse quicken. Folding his arms on the steering wheel, he leaned over and placed his chin on top of his arms. With laser focus, he stared at the house. The huge brown doors, the cars in the garage, the yard, the balcony. The father he hadn’t seen in years was somewhere in the house.

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Adventures of Allen the Ratchet: Alice’s Piano Bar

Allen walked through the refreshing summer breeze as he searched the streets of New York City for his next adventure. After a rough day Allen loved to roam the city’s streets until he stumbled upon a wonderful adventure in the city. While he may have lived in the Big Apple all of his life, he could always find some previously unknown gem to explore.

Across the street was a small bar with the name “Alice’s Piano Bar” written on a wooden plank and it caught the young man’s attention. Allen could tell it was old because he barely made out the name on its sign. A street light exposed the bar’s name – and streamers that hung from the sign. Hanging off the wooden plank were dozens of multi-colored streamers.

A closer look revealed a sign next to the door that read “Carnival Night.” And Allen loved himself a carnival.

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