So who I am?

I’m Alamin.


Born and raised New Yorker who is currently doing all sorts of social media things for work. I’m Eritrean-American, which means my parents are from Eritrean (in East Africa), and I never pass up an opportunity to laugh my ass off. Oh and I love television.

Don’t get me wrong I love a deep cut on Twitter and am always down to watch a good, or fun, movie, but television is my lifeblood.

I always have watched and enjoyed TV, but I took a semester off of college after my freshmen year and rediscovered my love of television, courtesy of Netflix. I realized I had all this information in my mind, so I decided to put it to good use. I’ve had blogs, contributed here and there, but I’m back to wanting a space of my own. Here it is!

Also, occasionally I find myself in my feelings and I’ll share that with you here too.

Like Wayne's, but with more color