9 Actors Who Could Play “The Flash” Season 4 Villain Thinker

For three seasons I have enjoyed watching Barry Allen save Central City on “The Flash.” There’s just been one major issue I have had with the series – all the speedsters. Each season the main villain has been a speedster, which has gotten old, but according to TVLine, that is about to change with the introduction of The Thinker. My sheer excitement for a non-speedster villain has led to this list of casting choices.


The Thinker, according to his DC Comics arc, is a super villain with powers including mind control. The villain is considered a genius, so Team Flash will have their hands full with this mastermind and a villain that could put the brainiacs on Team Flash to use like never before. Over the course of season 3 of “The Flash” Thinker, real name DeVoe, was mentioned several times, so it should not be much of a surprise if he makes his appearance in the upcoming fourth season.

So now to the casting suggestions!

John Simm


When it comes to casting Thinker, wouldn’t the man who played The Master on “Doctor Who” be fantastic? Fans of the sci-fi series will remember John Simm as the villain The Master, an equal, yet evil, opponent to the eccentric adventurer The Doctor. He would slide in moments of humor as he terrorized people and literally tried to take over the world. Most recently he played a fantastic and eccentric murderous lunatic on ABC drama “The Catch.” The actor would make the first non-speedster villain interesting viewing to say the least.

Russell Hornsby


For several seasons on “Grimm” Russell Hornsby played best friend to the series’ star. As Hank Griffin, Hornsby’s journey involved consistently defending and supporting his friend in an increasingly complex and dangerous supernatural world. After his stint on the NBC drama the veteran actor deserves what is sure to be an amazing role like Thinker on “The Flash.” Unless Hornsby’s role on Netflix series “Seven Seconds” gets in the way, he’d be a great choice.

Benito Martinez


Benito Martinez is an exceptional veteran actor who has appeared on several shows including “The Shield” and “House of Cards.” He has the presence and talent to make an exciting villain for Team Flash. Martinez, who recently recurred on “How To Get Away With Murder,” would be a solid choice to play the villain. ABC recently canceled series “American Crime,” in which the actor starred in 2 seasons, freeing him up to join the Arrowverse. Martinez would bring the cerebral villain to life on screen and has the ability to create a fascinating dynamic with star Grant Gustin.

Jamie Bamber


Apollo’s all grown up now, so he could join “The Flash” as next season’s villain. The “Battlestar Galactica” star may be remembered for his stint on the sci-fi series, but since he has appeared on several shows. Bamber has appeared on British series “The Smoke” and “Law & Order: UK” as well as short-lived medical drama “Monday Mornings.” The CW does like to keep its cast attractive, so Bamber is both old enough and has the right look. Plus with a guest stint on “The Messengers” he is no stranger to The CW.

Simon Merrells


As Marcus Crassus, Simon Merrells brought to life a vicious, intelligent villain who history buffs knew would probably succeed on his mission. On “Spartacus: War of the Damned” Merrells chased Spartacus and his army using unorthodox methods, making him the series best villain. The CW comic book shows have cast “Spartacus” alums left, right and center, so Merrells landing the role of Thinker is not out of the question. If his role on upcoming series “Knightfall” does not get in the way, then the actor would make a excellent villain to go up against Team Flash.

Michael Ealy


While Michael Ealy is a stretch for this role, it would be a coup if the CW drama landed the actor. The actor has recently appeared in “Secrets & Lies” and “Being Mary Jane,” but has been shifting more towards film in recent years. In fact he was not very interested in returning to television before Gabrielle Union persuaded him to join the BET series. Ealy’s stint as serial killer Theo Noble on “The Following” is evidence of how brilliant he would be as a villain, like playing Thinker.

Ioan Gruffudd


While many may remember Ioan Gruffudd as Mr. Fantastic, in recent years the actor has been making his way on television. Gruffudd is no stranger to CW, the actor was part of the cast of the Sarah Michelle Gellar-starring series “Ringer.” Most recently he starred on ABC procedural “Forever” where he played an immortal medical examiner who solves crimes while hiding the secret that he has lived for a long time. The show, and its cast, was charming and fun, but ultimately not enough eyeballs were watching to garner a second season. As long as his new role on Australian crime drama “Harrow” does not get in the way, Gruffudd would be an excellent choice for Thinker because he can play a villain and the vivid world on “The Flash.”

Oded Fehr


As a true “Covert Affairs” fans, I always feel like there’s never enough Oded Fehr on television. The actor, who is known for his role in “The Mummy” film franchise, would be a fantastic choice to battle Team Flash on the CW series. His recent roles have been on “Stitchers,” “24: Legacy” and Jafar on “Once Upon A Time.” Fehr’s ability to be charming, villainous and tough could make for a compelling scene partner for Grant Gustin.

Julian McMahon


Who would be better as a Flash villain than the man who played Cole on “Charmed?” Julian McMahon played the charming demon on the supernatural series for some time. Over his stint on the series McMahon was the loving boyfriend and the murderous demon, which was a showcase for the actor’s ranger. His performance led to a lead role on FX series “Nip/Tuck.” In recent years he has been attached to several pilots and appeared on Syfy miniseries “Childhood’s End” and short-lived series “Hunters.”

Who do you want to fight Team Flash as Thinker?

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