15 Shondaland Alums for The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Firefighter Spinoff

Recently ABC ordered a “Grey’s Anatomy” spinoff centered around firefighters in Seattle. While the events of the medical drama’s season finale could have introduced some of the new characters, that ended up not happening. Since Shonda Rhimes has not filled the roles of the new series, I thought we could take a trip down Shondaland memory lane and pick some folks that would make excellent cast members for the new series.

Brian Letscher


Brian Letscher was one of those actors you recognize from somewhere because they appear on so many shows, but probably couldn’t point out where. Then he began playing Tom Larsen on “Scandal.” Tom was quiet and invisible then vicious and violent. He even found some time to have a twisted love story on the high-octane political drama. Letscher was a minor character who held court during scenes on multiple occasions, one of the drama’s many excellent recurring players. The time has come for the actor to step to the front of the line or at least closer to the front.

Rose Rollins


Rose Rollins, of “The L Word,” came into Shondaland as part of “The Catch.” As Valerie Anderson, the former-cop-turned-private-investigator, Rollins kicked ass and took names on the drama. Problem is the ABC drama did not catch on and was recently canceled after two seasons. Rollins would be a fantastic addition to the new Shondaland series and it would nice to have the actress back in the fold.

Norm Lewis


Norm Lewis had a tough task on “Scandal” as Edison Davis, a potential suitor for Olivia who was completely and utterly in love with Fitz. In the pre-Jake days, viewers could not have guessed any love interest would get in between Fitz and Liv. Edison did eventually get the truth from Olivia about Fitz, but he soon found himself a pawn in Eli Pope’s game. Lewis’ character, like many “Scandal” characters, had a compelling, but ultimately harrowing arc. The actor would make a great top dog at the fire station in Shonda’s new series.

Rachelle Lefevre


Taking a trip down Shondaland memory lane to “Off the Map” will remind you that the cast included Rachelle Lefevre. The actress’ stint in Rhimes’ domain was cut short when the series was canceled after one season. Lefevre is always a welcome addition to any television series. Plus with Ben Warren looking like he’d fit right in on the series after the “Grey’s Anatomy” season finale, a reunion could be in order.

Cornelius Smith Jr.


Cornelius Smith Jr. first appeared on “Scandal” as Marcus Walker during a season four episode where he battled Olivia Pope, but Shonda decided to bring him back. Marcus became a main character, first working at Olivia Pope & Associates then the White House. Unfortunately in world of “Scandal” revolves around Olivia and Marcus never really found his permanent place in her sphere. Maybe he can flex acting muscles audiences haven’t seen yet and get more screen time on the new Shondaland series.

Famke Janssen


Simply put Famke Janssen is a free agent coming off a network television program and Shonda Rhimes should absolutely capitalize on that. Also, she is no stranger to Shondaland. The actress recurred on legal drama “How to Get Away With Murder” as a formidable lawyer and ex of Annalise Keating, played by Viola Davis. While the actress did star on NBC drama “The Blacklist: Redemption,” the series was recently canceled.

Brian J. White


Viewers may have hoped that Brian J. White’s character Russell would give Olivia a little of her life back after her kidnapping, but this is “Scandal” after all. Turned out Russell was working for Olivia’s father because the only thing creepier than sending a man to sleep with your daughter is doing it twice! In any case the actor has already been on firefighter series “Chicago Fire,” so he should be primed to join the upcoming series.

Jay Hayden


“The Catch” was centered on the love story between investigator Alice and con man Ben, but it was full of interesting characters. One of those characters was Jay Hayden’s Danny Yoon, one of the members of Alice’s team. Danny was a strong supporting character who brought some great energy to the series. Shondaland should absolutely keep Hayden around.

Milauna Jackson


“How to Get Away With Murder” put a major complication in lead Annalise Keating’s way in the form of Milauna Jackson’s A.D.A. Rene Atwood. The lawyer was after Keating in the worst way and spent much of her time on the series gunning for her. What viewers of the ABC drama may not know is Jackson’s stint on action drama “Strike Back,” making her an excellent choice for Shonda’s upcoming firefighter series.

Matthew Del Negro


After being drawn into the toxic world of Cyrus Beane, Matthew Del Negro deserves to kick some ass and save lives as one of the firefighters on the upcoming “Grey’s Anatomy” spinoff. Simple as that. Cyrus is a compelling character because he is truly the absolute worst. Del Negro’s Michael is free and now the actor who played him should go on to play a hero.

Kendrick Sampson


During the second season of “How to Get Away With Murder” Kendrick Sampson played a client of the law firm at the center of the series. His character, Caleb, turned out to be far more than a son mourning his adopted parents, taking viewers on a wild ride at the mystery surrounding his case was resolved. During his stint Sampson made his talent evident and a return to Shondaland should be in his future.

Brendan Hines


Gideon Wallace was one of the original examples of just how far “Scandal” was willing to go. Problem is that meant that not only was his arc tragic, but it was also cut short. Hines could be a fantastic addition to the new series. That is if his role on “The Tick” doesn’t get in the way.

Mia Maestro


I love Shondaland, but there’s one bone I have to pick and it has to do with “Scandal.” As a diehard “Alias” fan I was doing backflips when Mia Maestro joined the cast. She was Jake’s wife, which was an interesting move, but then she was quickly dispatched. Killed. Maestro’s stint on Shondaland was far, far too short, so let’s bring her back to TGIT, or whatever night ABC puts this new show on.

Jon Tenney


As Andrew Nichols, Jon Tenney got to play one of the many villains of “Scandal.” Vice president, kidnapper and extortionist, Andrew got around during his stint when it came to the bad deeds. Many will remember the actor from his role on “The Closer.” While the actor currently appears on the show’s spinoff “Major Crimes,” he did attempt to lead a spinoff of his own a few years ago. Maybe he should get that case on the “Grey’s Anatomy” spinoff.

Danny Pino


His time on “Scandal” was when I really took notice of Danny Pino. As the morally bankrupt brother to the Democratic presidential candidate, Pino proved he could play sketchy with the best of them. Yes, I am sure all the firefighters will risk their lives to save lives, but it’s Shondaland. Some of these heroes will probably end up having dark sides of their own. Pino would fit the bill very well.

Anyone from Shondaland you’d like to see on the “Grey’s Anatomy” spinoff?

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