In Season 3, “12 Monkeys” Replaces Mysteries with Secrets for its Best Season Yet

For two seasons “12 Monkeys” was a series driven by mystery. It began with two strangers coming together from across time to stop a virus. One simple mission grew into a massive cause where the duo tried to uncover the truth about an ominous group called “The Army of the Twelve Monkeys” who literally cause the extermination of the human race. Coming into its third season the Syfy drama replaced focal points, the mysteries took a backseat to secrets.

One of the many secrets of “12 Monkeys” was the identity of the mastermind behind the evil plot, an individual who called themselves “The Witness.” In the second season finale it was revealed that The Witness was the child of the two time travelers at the center of the series. Cassie (Amanda Schull) and Cole (Aaron Standford) spent two seasons fighting, killing and blackening their souls to fight the Army of the Twelve Monkeys, so having their child be at the center of it puts a significant wrench in their plan.


The revelation about their child also adds a new layer of complexity to the Cassie and Cole’s relationship. The two grew to love one another, which could complicated their mission to save the world. Any concern of their love clouding their judgement was gone after the discovering that they bring The Witness into the world. The conflict the two had used to be based on their mission, but now the issues are much closer to home. There was an added tenderness to their issues, but when dealing with issues of family the best solution is a happy one. Cold just doesn’t happen to believe a positive outcome is possible. 

A strained family dynamic is the best example of the show’s shift benefiting the latest season. Over the course of the series a group of strangers have become a family. Katarina Jones (Barbara Sukowa) warmed to Cole, Cassie found her place in the future, Ramse (Kirk Acevedo) was finally on good terms with everyone, Jennifer Goines (Emily Hampshire), and even Deacon (Todd Stashwick), had a place on the team. They have fought one another, lied, and manipulated, each other and been on opposite sides of deadly conflict, but when the second season ended we had one big, dysfunctional family. News of The Witness’ identity pushes the limits of these relationships. While Cassie and Cole may have conflicted feelings about their son, Katarina’s belief in her mission does not waver. The resulting conflict causes a major fracture in the group with Jennifer stuck in the middle.

In the end, the season teed up a great final chapter. While the series will work to bring the story of how the Army of the Twelve Monkeys try to destroy the world to an end, the story’s heroes will have to work to repair their relationships. They all will have a vested interest in resolving any leftover conflict because the world literally depends on it.

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