“Power Rangers”: 11 Actresses Who Could Play Green Ranger Tommy Oliver

Truth is I have been experiencing a lack of motivation recently and then the “Power Rangers” cast had to all great and suggest The Green Ranger in their franchise should be female. As a kid, I loved “Power Rangers” and I have to admit I watched well passed “Mighty Morphin’” to the end of the Zordon era, so this new franchise has had my attention from the beginning. In any case I loved the diverse cast, enjoyed the movie – sans the exaggeration of its LGBTQ “moment” – and think a female Green Power Ranger is an excellent idea. Here are 11 actresses who would be perfect for the role.

Marie Avgeropoulos


Truthfully thinking “The 100” actress Marie Avgeropoulos would be perfect for the role is the reason I made this list. During the course of the series Avgeropoulos has gone for reckless, free-spirited young girl excited for her newfound freedom to a tried-and-true warrior. She kicks ass with the best of them on “The 100,” which means something on a post-apocalyptic series full of vicious fighters. Avgeropoulos’ appearance in “Tracers” opposite Taylor Launter has proven she is up for an action film. “Power Rangers” would be a fantastic choice for her next movie role.

Phoebe Tonkin

The Devil Comes Here and Sighs

Between “The Secret Circle” and “The Originals,” Phoebe Tonkin’s had some badass television roles on The CW, so maybe it’s time to head to the silver screen. As Hayley Marshall on “The Originals” the Australian actress has shown herself to be able to kick ass on a weekly basis. Tonkin, like many of the “Power Rangers” stars, is a talented rising star, so she’d fit right in. Plus both her roles on The CW have been characters with a bit of darkness in her, so The Green Ranger is fantastic fit.

Tristin Mays


Recently renewed CBS drama “MacGyer” is a lot of things — funny and exciting among them — including a great showcase of Tristin Mays’ talent. The young actress, whose credits also include “The Newsroom” and “The Vampire Diaries,” plays young hacker Riley Davis. She began the series as a wildcard tech genius and now is an action ready talent whose character joins right in with the banter of her co-stars Lucas Till and George Eads. Mays could play one hell of Green Ranger if given the opportunity.

Kylie Bunbury


Whether or not Fox decides to renew baseball drama “Pitch,” its star Kyle Bunbury has shown herself to be an immense talent. Not only does she shine as the lead, the first female pitcher in the MLB, but Bunbury has proven herself to be up for a challenge. Landing the role, an incredible showcase for a young actress of color, that is realistic enough to be real life, but just out of reach in the real world. Its the type of role that inspires and also, potentially, enrages people. Bunbury took it on and she’s excellent, so why shouldn’t “Power Rangers” be her next stop?

Candice Patton


Recently “The Flash” actress Candice Patton said she is happy not suiting on The CW drama, but maybe she’d feel different about becoming a Power Ranger. For 3 seasons Patton had played the tough journalist Iris West, who spends her days writing stories and nights saving her city alongside Team Flash. On shows where heroes fight, fly and run at amazing speeds, characters without powers tend to fall to the background, but Patton has made sure her character has presence and holds court when necessary. Maybe it’s time for Patton, in lieu of Iris, to suit up.

Rila Fukushima


If “Power Rangers” is looking for someone who can kick serious ass, then they should take a look at Rila Fukushima. Between “Arrow” and “The Wolverine” Fukushima has proven her ability to play multi-dimensional characters and kick ass at the same time. She’s the type of rising star who deserves a complex role like The Green Ranger where she can show her full skill set. I dare you to watch “The Wolverine” and not think she is perfect for the role.

Emeraude Toubia


Since “Shadowhunters” premiered several young actors have joined the ranks of those starring in adaptations of popular books. Emeraude Toubia is one of these talented young performers. Unfortunately for her there are two leads, a love triangle and beloved love story from the books her character must contend with, so she could definitely use more screen time on the Freeform series. What Toubia has proven is that a role “Power Rangers,” especially one like The Green Ranger, is right up her street.

Maisie Richardson-Sellers


After a stint on “The Originals” Maisie Richardson-Sellers was brought back to The CW to play DC hero Vixen on “Legends of Tomorrow.” When Megalyn Echikunwoke couldn’t reprise the role the show brought in an older version of the hero and Richardson-Sellers was given the opportunity to show just what she is capable of as an actress. Tough, bold, and noble, the addition of the new Vixen was arguably the season’s best casting change and should open up more opportunities for the young actress.

Alycia Debnam-Carey


While Alycia Debnam-Carey is currently fighting for survival on “Fear of The Walking Dead,” she will always be Lexa to me. On “The 100” she played a respected leader and  tough warrior who become one of the series’ most beloved recurring players. In fact, her exit from the series resulted in substantial outrage and increased focus on the television trope Bury Your Gays. In the end, Debnam-Carey is an incredibly talented young actress who would make an amazing Green Ranger.

Maddie Hasson


Sometimes a single performance stays with you and that is what Maddie Hasson’s role on “Twisted” was for me. Something about her, and co-stars Kylie Bunbury and Avan Jogia, on the short-lived series stayed with me, led me to follow their careers and put Hasson, along with Bunbury, on this list. Hasson, who also appeared on “Bones” spinoff “The Finder” and in “I Saw The Light,” is a young talent who could really excel in a role alongside the “Power Rangers” cast.

Nathalie Emmanuel


Nathalie Emmanuel made quite the splash as Missandei on “Game of Thrones.” As the right hand to The Mother of Dragons, Emmanuel has become a mainstay on the hit series, which is coming to an end. Another major bonus: she’s not afraid to join major franchises. The actress is part of both “Fast & Furious” and “The Maze Runner” film series . With “Game of Thrones” on its way out, Emmanuel will have some more time.

Who do you want to play Tommy Oliver in the “Power Rangers” sequel?

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