12 Picks For The 13th Doctor That Aren’t White Men

A new Doctor is coming! Peter Capaldi has announced he will be leaving “Doctor Who” at the end of the upcoming 10th series alongside showrunner Steven Moffat.  The actor exiting the series means one thing – a new Doctor will be chosen. A new actor will be chosen to lead the long-running series and travel around through time and space getting into all sorts of trouble.

Problem is every single Doctor has been a white male and the time has come for a change, so here are 12 actors for the role of The Doctor who aren’t white men:

Olivia Colman


Olivia Colman is an exceptional actor with the perfect balance of grit, charm and humor to make a fantastic Doctor. The Doctor is always eccentric and usually a bit goofy, which is right up Colman’s alley. Between her performances on “Rev,” “Broadchurch” and “Fleabag” Colman has proven herself to be a phenomenal talent. Before we get into her past appearance on Amy Pond’s first episode of “Doctor Who” as Mother, let’s all realize we didn’t even remember she was on the show.

Riz Ahmed


Riz Ahmed could capitalize on his recent success and take the reins of the TARDIS from Capaldi. The actor jumpstarted his career after appearing in “Nightcrawler” opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in 2014. Since then he has landed roles in various films, including “Rogue One,” and starred in HBO hit series “The NIght Of.” A talented young actor of color on the rise who is doing both film and television? I mean it’s kind of perfect.

Louise Brealey


Molly-freaking-Hooper. Louise Brealey’s Molly Hooper has been a secret weapon on “Sherlock” for seasons in her superb supporting role. While she may not get the most shine on “Sherlock,” Brealey has proven just how skilled she is in her craft. As Molly the actress has shown her ability to play eccentric characters and The Doctor is certainly that. Brealey deserves to stand in front and “Doctor Who” would be a great match for her.

Tatiana Maslany


“Orphan Black” is coming to an end and people will be keeping an eye on what lead actor Tatiana Maslany does next. With each regeneration The Doctor is different, which won’t be a problem for Maslany who plays all sorts on the BBC America series. I genuinely believe the actress could do anything and she’s definitely up for making a mark with the “Doctor Who” role.

Dev Patel


Dev Patel got his start on British series “Skins,” so maybe a return to British television is in the cards. Patel has had a successful film career, getting his start in “Slumdog Millionaire” and most recently the critically acclaimed “Lion.” Fortunately for those who would like to see Patel play The Doctor he starred on “The Newsroom,” so another television role is not out of the question.

Lenora Crichlow


When I think of brilliant British television performances Lenora Crichlow on “Being Human” comes to mind. For 4 seasons she played ghost Annie Sawyer. She began as a freshly-deceased ghost with a myriad of questions and in the end she was a badass warrior who saved the world. The actress’ recent roles have been comedic ones, so she can definitely handle both lighter and heavier material, which is “Doctor Who” at its core.

Lara Pulver


Who is a better choice for the first female Doctor than The Woman herself? Lara Pulver gave viewers a masterclass as Irene Adler on “Sherlock.” She played one of the most iconic characters in the Sherlock Holmes universe and she did it brilliantly. She went on to be in the ensemble of drama “Da Vinci’s Demons,” but it is time she took her talents to the front of the line. Pulver would kill it as The Doctor.

Indira Varma


Indira Varma is a veteran actor who has numerous supporting roles under her belt. In the past she has played the wife or love interests of leads on shows including “Luther,” “Human Target” and “Game of Thrones” — always brilliantly. Then last year Varma played the lead of British crime drama “Paranoid” and she made it clear leading a series is in her wheelhouse. The actress has always had the ability to headline a series and now she’s finally proven it. Unfortunately she was part of the cast of “Doctor Who” spinoff “Torchwood,” which could be a real obstacle.

Ruth Wilson


While people may be used to Ruth Wilson playing Alison on “The Affair,” those who saw “Luther” know what the actress is capable of. As Alice Morgan on “Luther” Wilson played a psychopath viewers grew to love. She was complex, daring, reckless and dangerous, which was amazing to watch. Wilson’s brand of Doctor could be amazing and would absolutely be interesting viewing. Plus it would mean she would be saved from “The Affair.”

Chiwetel Ejiofor

"Kinky Boots" Sundance Portrait Session

Chiwetel Ejiofor landing the role of The Doctor would be the type of casting news that would have the “Doctor Who” fandom talking. The actor’s talent is indisputable and the balance of charm and fun would be something Ejiofor would excel at. The only issue, and it is a rather large one, would be his film career. He may simply not have time to play The Doctor.

Naomie Harris


Naomie Harris is force to be reckoned with, which is evident in her critically acclaimed role in “Moonlight” this year. Though her resume is full of film roles, the opportunity to play The Doctor could be enough to bring Harris to television. She was part of a film this year that was a powerful narrative telling the story of a black, gay man in “Moonlight,” which she could continue on the sci-fi series. She would not only be the first woman to play The Doctor, but she would also be the first person of color in the role.

Richard Ayoade


Richard Ayoade has been filling his time with several hosting gigs recently, but many will remember him from “The IT Crowd.” Ayoade would slide right into the role of The Doctor and would make for a fantastic viewing experience. Fans will enjoy watching him zip around time and space with his companion, or companions, for at least a few seasons. At least that is the hope.

Hayley Atwell


Hayley Atwell is truly a treasure. The actress is action-ready, charming, charismatic and funny. Her talent took Peggy Carter from one Marvel film to appearances throughout the cinematic universe. Atwell is one of a kind and she would be absolutely fantastic as the first female Doctor. Also her most recent series, ABC’s “Conviction,” is not looking like it will not be returning for a second season, so she’s definitely available.

Who do you want to see play the 14th Doctor on “Doctor Who” after Capaldi?

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